DESMA MSI Technology, the new frontier for the safety customizable shoesPresented at A+A the new Multi-Section-Injection technology to enable production of individualized PU-midsole from the German company.

Oct 18, 2017
Desma presents the new technology during A+A fair, outside the hall 3, at the Steitz Secura tent

DESMA direct soling machinery equipped with state-of-the-art Multi-Section-Injection (MSI) technology allows you to produce PU-midsoles with individualized characteristics. Not only that different characteristic might be represented in one single PU-midsole, but also these different characteristics can be achieved in different sections of this single PU-midsole.

Beyond the basic MSI in combination with the new FitStation platform consumer’s needs, evaluated by analyzing their gait as well as by scanning their feet, are converted into individualized production parameters which then lead to a customized mixing process of PU’s major components Polyol, Iso-cyanate and distinguished additives. This customized mixing process enabled by a specific configuration of material values along the mixing head and chamber is adaptable shot-by-shot, resulting in an individualized production of lot size 1 while all benefits from mass production, e.g. production speed and cycle time, are kept upright.

The premier showcase is exiting now the A+A fair’s visitors: scanning feet and see the direct production of personal and physical adapted shoes! This revolutionary innovation has be shown by the well-known safety wear brand Steitz Secura – supported by the group of FitStation platform development partners HP Inc., RS-Scan and DESMA.

DESMA MSI Technology will be a breakthrough in customization of footwear production and shows the shortest way between product configuration and individualization followed by the manufacturing process.

The result is innovative highly comfortable shoes which are supporting the consumer with the extraordinary feeling and a perfect damping.


“We see the chance of using this technology for all kind of footwear like work boots, trekking, military, casual, kids and athletic as well as special performance shoes” states Christian Decker, Managing Director of DESMA. “It is a closed loop and full integration between consumer and manufacturing process”.

The concept will be rolled into the market beginning of 2018 and multiple producers are already pre-pared with the required equipment and are in final stage of product development.


DESMA was founded in 1946 and produces shoe machinery. 70 years of constant technological innovations enable DESMA to offer a full range […]

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