Elitron at SIMAC 2018: new products and upgrades for an increasingly optimised workflowOn display, five digital cutting solutions designed to optimise the workflow in the cutting of leather and material in rolls.

Feb 06, 2018

At SIMAC 2018, Elitron will present five digital cutting solutions dedicated to the automotive, fashion, footwear and furniture industries.
As already demonstrated during last year’s SIMAC, in order to provide an advantage to customers from nesting all the way up to materials collection, the company is focusing more and more on optimising the workflow by creating an ecosystem of flexible, integrated and seamless hardware and software solutions.

plaza-tAmong the 5 digital cutting systems that will be displayed at the fair, the most representative of the new upgrades is PLAZA T. The result of Elitron’s continuous commitment to R&D and designed to cut large-sized natural and synthetic materials, the system offers a wide variety of possible applications. PLAZA T increases the wide range of Plaza products, providing an automated cutting solution that can also work on hard materials, typically used in saddle making. This application flexibility is made possible by a cutting head created to accommodate a wide range of tools such as electric (or pneumatic) oscillating blade, a perforator, milling chuck, creasing wheel, motorised circular blade, a plotting pen and laser pointer.

kudosAt the same time, there will also be the new release of the conveyor driven KUDOS series: two cutting systems with independent double head and working areas 1600mm or 2000m wide, designed to operate non-stop on synthetic materials in rolls, fabrics and leather typical of the fashion world. With the help of automatic nesting, which is highly efficient when working on materials in rolls, Kudos can work with a single operator dedicated to the collection.

boosterThe pillars of the Elitron Range for the footwear industry will also be in action, including the ICE Booster cutting systems. The best working companions of cutting-machine operators, which combine ease of use, high performances, low operating costs and low maintenance in a single solution.

The integrable capacity of these cutting solutions will be on full display with specific demos at the Elitron stand in hall 14, stand C26/D27.

Elitron IPM S.r.l. https://elitron.com

Elitron, founded 30 years ago by Giuseppe Gallucci, is a leading company from the Marche region specialized in computerized designing […]

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