ENER-G, innovation 100% made in ItalyThe Ener-G by Grisport shoe is a state-of-the-art trailrunning shoe thanks to a lot of innovative technologies

Jun 12, 2017

The Ener-G Rokka is a new shoe concept developed by Grisport for the Trail running segment. It implements some new and unprecedented technologies. The project was promoted by ARSUTORIA School and coim who created a team of exclusively Italian companies, choosen for their cutting-edge technology and know-how.

ener-g rokka by Grisport

The shoe upper is constructed by Grisport with seamless technologies, and with highly resistant and performing materials. Elastic lining and tongue supply further confort and performance.

The Support System assures additional stability to the back part.

For the first time for a trail running shoe, the upper midsole is injected directly on the upper. This contruction makes the 100% made in Italy shoe sustainable.logo_colors

UREXTER powered by COIM

dettaglio-uretexThe innovative solution UREXTER NRG, that was developed for this midsole, offers both a low density and an extra rebound compared to a traditional system.


POLYGUM powered by Frasson - Rubbermac
polygum-2-copiaThe rubber outsole is composed of multiple compounds that allow different performance depending on the area of the outsol  e. High grip compound for toe and heel, high abrasion resistance in the center. frasson-polygum-montaggio
#WEAVE powered by Frasson - Rubbermac
ener-g-rokka-suola-limeRubber outsole is engineered using the #Weave technology that reduces by 20% the overall weight of this component, while maintaining the same stability and structure like the classic performance soles. frasson-weave-montaggio
INSOLE powered by Biagioli

GRISPORTThe Strobel insole technology offers an outstanding resistance to traction with features of moisture absorption for extreme performance.


C.O.I.M. S.p.A. http://www.coimgroup.com/Locator.cfm

Founded in 1962, C.O.I.M. is specialized in polycondensation products (esters), polyaddition (polyurethanes) and several other chemical specialty products. The high […]

ARSUTORIA School http://www.arsutoria.com/

ARSUTORIA School has been organizing shoes and bags design and pattern making courses since 1947, courses globally recognized as the […]

Frasson Rubbermac http://www.frasson.com

Since 1918, the company from Loria (Treviso) has distinguished itself in the manufacturing of shoes and, in particular, in the […]

Apego s.r.l. http://www.apego.it

Apego can project and manufacture every kind of moulds for footwear. Founded in 1966 after reorganization of a former company […]

Industrie Biagioli http://www.biagioli.com

Since 1997 Industrie BIAGIOLI has been produciong nonwoven fabrics for various market areas, such as footwear, automotive, construction and security. With a production […]

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