Eyelets in sports footwearMoro Minuterie is the ideal partner for those looking for a metal eyelet for footwear.

Jun 12, 2018



With more than 40 years of experience, Moro Minuterie supplies a product made entirely in Italy, suitable for different customer needs.

Thanks to its highly specialised staff, it is able to suggest and guide the choice of the most suitable eyelet, for example. Of that detail, usually metallic, which is used to avoid the wear of the hole through which passes the lace. A detail that can be applied to highly technical footwear such as sneakers for the fashion market.

And it is precisely in the extreme diversity of possible applications that the vast sample book, in iron or brass by Moro Minuterie whose eyelets ensure ease and speed of assembly on the upper (with manual press or with automatic and pneumatic machines), robustness, better lace sliding and, therefore, greater footwear safety.

Important functions that are accompanied by an aesthetic attention not secondary. Through painting and electroplating, Moro Minuterie guarantees unique and precious effects that add a touch of colour to shoes. Without forgetting the possibilities of customisation or choice of unusual shapes (stars, flowers, hexagons…).eyelets2

An offer of quality that the Padua-based company continuously renews, constantly looking tothe future: “We note more and more frequently that the leading brands of sports footwear prefer to use plastic eyelets, which ensures lightness and stainlessness –  says the company. We are keeping a close eye on this new trend and taking on important ideas for future projects”



Until 1840, the holes for laces in the shoes were sewn by hand thanks to a sturdy thread. The invention of the first metal eyelets was a great revolution: the time required for their application has drastically been reduced and guarantees less deterioration of the hole itself.

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