Fagus – Grecon: everything from one source.Fagus-GreCon offers a unique service for the international footwear industry: design, moulds and shoe lasts, all from one single supplier, to provide the highest quality and project coherence.

Sep 16, 2018

fotofagus_5Fagus-GreCon is a company in which innovation is a tradition. This is proven even just by the Fagus factory – built in 1911 by the architect Walter Gropius, and one of the first few examples of modern architecture – which was declared UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011. But what proves that more than anything else is the extremely high level of service that the German company is able to offer to the footwear sector: design, moulds and shoe lasts from a single source:

For a shoe factory it is enough to meet a customer once, one single general concept and one single project partner in order to obtain the highest quality for perfectly matched moulds and lasts

says Kai Greten – Managing Director of Fagus-GreCon. This is how he describes the realization process for a project managed by Fagus-GreCon.

Steffen Hrdina, a Fagus-GreCon employee, is enthusiastic about the precision of the new machining centre
Steffen Hrdina, a Fagus-GreCon employee, is enthusiastic about the precision of the new machining centre

Fashion and aesthetics are the first step on which the staff of Fagus-GreCon focuses; then the staff moves on to the design and production of shoe lasts – with direct injection, Vulka or AGO – and of moulds.

Flexibility and the highest precision, fundamental requirements in mould making, are ensured both by Fagus-GreCon’s organizational structure and by the new CNC machining centre, which makes production of complex moulds with high precision and shorter processing times possible. Indeed, the mould is freely accessible from all sides in the CNC machining centre, thanks to the combination of a swivel rotary table, a 5-axis simultaneous treatment and a linear drive in x and y directions. The kinematic accuracy is checked regularly by means of a kit of tools that guarantees high, coherent quality. The series of advantages a shoe factory can benefit from by working with Fagus-GreCon is completed by the company’s capillary international presence. Since it is represented all over the world, it guarantees fast response times and an efficient support of the customer’s production processes.

Fagus-Grecon http://www.fagus-grecon.com

Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG is a privately held company located in Alfeld/Hanover, Germany. The GreCon business unit is […]

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