Fimma thinks about wide-ranging sustainabilityThe Brianza-based company has purchased a hybrid car to replace two old company vehicles and has installed a charging station for electric cars in the carpark of its factory.

Jul 27, 2018

img_0294Fimma has been focusing on the theme of sustainability for many years now and has demonstrated this by adopting different eco-friendly solutions in every aspect of the company, not only the production one.

It was one of the first companies to obtain the ISO 9001 and Oeko Tex quality certification, embracing the principles not only in words, and then obtaining the ISO 14001 environmental management certification and joining the ZDHC programme, converting its entire production into brass raw materials with maximum lead content of 90PPM (legal limit) at 40PPM.

In 2018 Fimma undertook other initiatives to make its business increasingly sustainable, focusing not only and exclusively on the specific industrial production, but also on broadening its efforts to other aspects of company life, such as mobility. Therefore, it replaced two old cars used by employees with a new hybrid model able to save resources and reduce emissions. At the same time, it built a station for charging electric vehicles in the parking lot of its headquarters in Osnago (Lecco), not only for the new car but also for employees who may need them.

A wide-ranging look at the theme of sustainability which demonstrates the far-sightedness of a company that represents an Italian-made excellence in the production of buttons and metallic accessories in the clothing, leather goods, footwear and paper industries.

The Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid purchased by Fimma as a company machine, can run in hybrid mode (producing 79g of CO2 per kilometre) or only in electric mode (with zero emission)
Fimma – Sincro

Fimma is a family-run company that fully embodies the made in Italy values, and through the FIMMA and SINCRO brands, operates […]

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