Finproject is growing, even in terms of sustainabilityFinproject is growing, also thanks to acquisitions, and is preparing the landing on the stock market, but without forgetting the centrality of the sustainability theme.

Jul 27, 2018

The Italian industrial group, leader in the production of special plastic materials based in Morrovalle (Macerata), closed 2017 with a turnover of over 200 million euro and a growing Ebitda by 47 percentage points.

Nicola Vecchiola
Nicola Vecchiola

The company that invented XL EXTRALIGHT®, an ultralight foam material at the base of products such as Crocs and O bag, can be defined, in the words of its Group Moulding and Executive Director, Nicola Vecchiola, “a pocket-sized multinational enterprise” – present in Italy, Romania, India, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico and Canada – which does not forget the issues of sustainability.

How much are customers actually asking for sustainable products?
“A lot. There is an increasingly strong demand, which grows from season to season, especially among Northern European countries”.
How much pressure are you getting to know the sustainability of your production processes and your suppliers?
“Perhaps it is not quite correct to speak of ‘pressure’’, but rather requesting precise information, in order to use it to promote their products. The fact of working with a company like ours which is certified UNI EN ISO 9001, SINCERT IIP, CISQ and IQNet and which carefully selects raw materials, helps them a lot”.

_xmg7620_lowHow is sustainability implemented in your products?
“Especially with the recovery of waste, rather than landfilling. The XL EXTRALIGHT® SUSTAINABLE, one of the last creations of the Finproject laboratories, is in fact a closed-cell foam material that preserves all the extraordinary physical and mechanical characteristics typical of XL EXTRALIGHT®, but is made through a highly engineered, exclusive and special process, with the re-using and mixing of production and molding waste deriving from the group’s factories”.

Beyond products what other initiatives do you put into the field?
“Through its Compounds division, Finproject has joined the Responsible Care program and is associated with the Compound Group of the PVC information centre with the ‘Green Compound’ brand, to support and comply with environmental sustainability policies.
In addition, we pursue our commitment to sustainability on a daily basis, also through the self-development of eco-sustainable machines for the recovery and reuse of industrial waste and products, the use of photovoltaic energy plants, and through the introduction and respect of strict prevention rules to guarantee the safety of products and workplaces, together with constant research on formulations and production processes of the compound”.

Today engaging in sustainable projects involves a cost…
“We believe that it is right to support this cost. In this way innovative and ‘valuable’ projects are launched which in part have also a positive economic return”.



Based for the last 50 years in Morrovalle, in the Marche region of Italy, the Finproject industrial group is a […]

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