The fluo sport of MORO MINUTERIEThe fluo trend is back in the spotlight affecting also sports shoe accessories. Moro Minuterie adds aesthetic refinement, functionality and 100% Italian quality.

Jun 05, 2019

We see the return of eyelets, rivets and fluorescent hooks, as well as laces, strings and bands. Especially if we consider the sporting world which, over the past few months, has considerably increased the demand for fluorescent details in footwear.

And Moro Minuterie was not long in coming, immediately proposing a new range of fluorescent colours. Shades have changed compared to the very fashionable lacquered and acid tones of the past years:

The clearly fluorescent colours – says the company - turn towards pastel, with slightly more bleached and less acid tones.


The fluorescent metal parts thus become a must for the summer proposals of 2020: its fascinating being able to combine as a contast, for example, very colourful metal eyelets with a white upper to attract attention.

The fluo can be obtained with spray paints, allowing to obtain both glossy and matt finishes, or a rubberised soft touch effect.

“The same fluorescent colour can therefore assume different declinations based on the needs of the customer and the type of shoe on which it is going to be applied”, specifies Moro Minuterie.

Our metal hooks in sliced iron or the eyelet hooks with fluorescent colours are perfect for decorating and highlighting ankle boots”.

Moro Minuterie S.r.l.

Established in 1974, Moro Minuterie has always had as its primary objective the continuous technological improvement to offer its customers: […]

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