Fragiacomo between héritage and a contemporary spiritIn the discovery of an Italian luxury brand with a rich héritage and a future characterised by ongoing expansion: Federico Pozzi Chiesa, CEO of GC Holding, the brand’s owner, speaks to us of Fragiacomo’s values, future projects, and its FW 2018-19 collection.

Mar 23, 2018
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A historic brand of Italian footwear, since its founding year in 1956, Fragiacomo has been synonymous with contemporary luxury and a bold identity. Today, Fragiacomo’s collections are characterised by an irresistible mix of héritage and evolution, in strict correlation to the most sophisticated international trends, while always adhering to a philosophy of craft workmanship, quality, and exclusivity.

Research into the historic archives of the Maison have led to the rediscovery of iconic pieces that are updated and transformed into new contemporary emblems. Made in Italy plays a role that is just as important: a choice that is in line with the roots of the brand and with the desire to express qualitative standards of excellence.

As far as the brand’s administration is concerned, since 2010, it has been a part of the GC Holding group, the international leader in logistics and real estate owned by the Pozzi Chiesa family.

We ask the President and CEO of GC Holding, Federico Pozzi Chiesa, what the Group’s plans are for the Fragiacomo brand.

Federico Pozzi Chiesa

“Our aim is to preserve the high profile and relaunch the brand on an international level, while remaining faithful to the Fragiacomo style, in an ongoing continuity between the historic past and its new evolution”.

Will the relaunching also affect retail?

“With this new course, we have kicked off an ambitious retail project that began with the 2013 inauguration of our store in Milan, in via Turati 8, followed by openings in Rome in via delle Carrozze 31, and a second store opening in Milan in via Montenaponeone 19. In the future, our expansion will focus on the Middle East: we have in fact signed an agreement with the Imcc group, which is owned by the Ansari family, for a number of different openings, the first of which will be a boutique in Teheran’s prestigious Iran Mall, one of the leading and biggest luxury malls in the world. The inauguration is scheduled for September”.fragiacomo_fw-18-19_micam-25

Should we expect any surprises with the opening of the new store?

“It will be the first to present the new concept of Fragiacomo’s stores: we presented a preview of it at the last edition of the Micam. It’s a sophisticated space, both welcoming and retro, with a classic interior design that is enriched by marble finished with golden trim and hand sponged lacquering. The shelves are lined with velvet and damask in tribute to the iconic motifs of Fragiacomo”.fragiacomo_fw-18-19_micam-21

What is the concept of the new Fragiacomo FW 2018-19 collection presented at the Micam?

“The new collection pays tribute to the historic background of the Maison, while striving to recreate the wonderful handmade tradition of luxury through shoes that, like works of art, become symbols of femininity, elegance, and a timeless beauty. The Fragiacomo guidelines evolve, while preserving the strong DNA of the brand in iconic models, which reflect more than 60 years of know-how united with a modern spirit, innovation, and Italian quality”.


What are the iconic pieces of the winter proposal?

“The moccasin with an exquisite ‘aristo-chic’ buckle: a perfect day-to-night model of great sophistication. There is than the over-the-knee boot with technical bootleg in neoprene and knit that emanates sensuality: here, the classic Fragiacomo style is reconceptualised and reinforced through the use and careful selection of gros grain textures, silk, velvet, and faux fur, while the typical embroidery is updated through tone-on-tone combinations. The rest of the collection includes shoes covered in precious fabrics from the world of furnishings, nude-look sandals, flat mules with a touch of fur, sabots in precious textures, and flats in fine velvet with iconic floral embroidery or, otherwise, with a ribbon on the toes… accessories that express a desire for subtle seduction, while embodying the values of an independent and determined woman”.


Héritage and a contemporary spirit, quality and style, but also sustainability remains a key theme in Fragiacomo’s collections…

“Respect for the environment is increasingly important to Fragiacomo: this is demonstrated by the eco-friendly textures of our footwear, which are made using naturally processed pigments”.

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