Frasson turns 100 years old: tradition looks at the futureThe Frasson S.p.A.® sole factory has been a partner of the best European shoe companies in the Outdoor & Safety sector for over a century.

Jun 06, 2018

Frasson reaches the prestigious milestone of a century of its existence and continues its mission of bringing together the quality and the know-how of tradition with the avant-garde of research that pushes towards the future.
A continuous evolution also supported by new figures that the company is placing side by side the traditional staff: young people who, thanks to shared specialization paths, bring a wave of innovation to the sector.
Today, more than ever before, the Frasson factory guarantees the production of classic soles as well as always new cutting-edge multi-component concepts, in order to meet new challenges, which are renewed from season to season.
The company, based in the Treviso area (the beating heart of the sports system district), formulates by itself produces and assembles every type of plastic material necessary for the realization of a technically advanced sole, from rubber to various types of polyurethanes, from EVA to TPU. Recent examples of this technological mix are the #R18 Centenario sole and the # FILM-ONE patent, both presented to the market during the last season.


The #R18 Centenario is a concept that uses new assembly systems between tread and midsole and a new generation of polyurethane, with very low density and a high resilience performance. A product created for the running world, able to support the increasingly current trend of bringing back production from the East to Europe.r18_low

unnamed_low#FILM-ONE, on the other hand, is a patent pending technology for midsoles that allows to take the density of Polyurethane (<0.30 g/cm3) to extremes, protecting the foam with a thick expanded EVA film. This particular and innovative construction maximizes the performance of the polyurethane, guaranteeing a flexible but resistant structure and final weights that have never been achieved before.

Frasson Rubbermac

Since 1918, the company from Loria (Treviso) has distinguished itself in the manufacturing of shoes and, in particular, in the […]

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