G-SHOCK : the indestructible watch is 35 years oldHow many watches must be destroyed before creating an indestructible one? The winning formula comes from Japan and bears the name of G-shock.

Jun 12, 2018
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The brand was born thanks to the intuition of engineer Kikuo Ibe, who after accidentally breaking his beloved watch, given to him by his father in 1981, promised to create a “shock resistant” timepiece.

This challenge required more than 300 prototypes that Ibe dropped from the third floor window of the Casio building to test their resistance. After two years of testing, in 1983, Ibe achieved the desired result thus giving life to the first G-shock, Casio creature and world watch icon ready to resist the “Triple 10” that Ibe had imposed himself: 10- bar (water atmosphere), which today became 20, a 10-year battery life and 10-meter free-fall endurance.



The first model of the legendary watch, the DW-5000C, marked the beginning of 35 years of evolution in form, technology and materials, introducing on the market an exclusive solar recharging screen-shot-2018-06-12-at-17-31-11system, which over three decades increased in performance and functionality with new features such as the stopwatch and direct connections with the smartphone.



Resins, textures and details have transformed these timepieces into real collector’s pieces, constantly updated but always careful to maintain the iconic style.
To celebrate such an important birthday, G-shock relaunches the DW-5600 with an original case from 1983 and presents its evolution, the full-metal model GMW-B000.


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