#greenLIFE 2017The three-year experimental project was presented in May 2017, accompanied by comments from the technicians in charge of the various research lines and by a report on how the project had reduced the environmental impact of tanning processes, which was presented by representatives of Dani, Mastrotto Group, Acque del Chiampo, Ilsa and Ikem

Jul 27, 2017
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The greenLIFE conference to present the technological innovations introduced in the tanning industry was held on 9 May 2017 at Montorso Vicentino, in the beautiful setting of Villa Da Porto.
The discussions focused on the increasingly evident and inevitable transformation to a circular economy, whose principles are an incentive to interpret raw hides no longer as a waste product but as an integral resource.
Valentina De Marchi, professor at the University of Padua, highlighted and analysed the socio-economic impact, the benefits of the developments and the communication of more sustainable tanning in terms of positive perception and demand by final consumers. The greenLIFE promoters reminded everyone that “Green technology is a fundamental market in which to invest.”

The presidents of the five leading companies in the tanning district of Arzignano that actively participated in the project also explained their points of view at the meeting. Alberto Serafin, CEO of Acque del Chiampo said that it was necessary “to continue the dialogue between tanning production and purification capacity.” Paolo Girelli of Ilsa said that “the tannery industry is also a resource due to its potential to provide by-products that can be transformed into a fertiliser rich in organic substances.” “Our excellence is not in being dormant” said Giancarlo Dani, President of the Dani Group, while Santo Mastrotto, owner of the Mastrotto Group believes in the future and insisted on the importance to conserve water resources. Edgardo Stefani, President of Ikem said that “it is necessary to invest in innovation in order to develop business prospects.”



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