IbiGreen, a new generation of chemical-free articlesIndustrie Biagioli offers a wide range of products for assembly insoles and cleaning insoles, including a new extremely sustainable line.

Jul 27, 2018

_mg_3229Industrie Biagioli is famous worldwide for the creation of materials whose textile structure guarantees high-profile characteristics: excellent tightness at the stitching point, complete absence of delamination, excellent bonding and thermoformability.

And if in principle all the products offered by Industrie Biagioli could be considered “sustainable” since they are made with recycled polyester fibres, they lose their “green core” once they are impregnated and/or resinated in chemical solutions, even though they are water-based.

For this reason, Industrie Biagioli has designed and perfected the new IbiGreen line, created without impregnations and, therefore, completely free of chemical components, and made with 100% reprocessed textile fibres.

A highly breathable article, perfect for the production of assembly insoles (the “soul” of a shoe) intended especially for Strobel stitching, the most widely used for assembling sneakers.

At a company level we have recently purchased two new stenter machines – says Gabriele Cappelli, Sales Manager at Biagioli – A major investment aimed at improving production efficiency and reducing the consumption of electricity and methane, thus reducing emissions.
We have an internal water pre-treatment plant for chemical process waste and part of textile waste is reprocessed and reused for new productions.

All these initiatives allow the company, which complies fully with the new A.U.A. regulations according to Legislative Decree 152/2006, to respond to the growing interest from customers for sustainable products, even if “there are difficulties in finding some components for footwear, thus condemning sustainable products to remain a niche market, mainly due to the high costs,” concludes Cappelli.


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Since 1997 Industrie BIAGIOLI has been produciong nonwoven fabrics for various market areas, such as footwear, automotive, construction and security. With a production […]

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