ICF wins the Dematté Private Equity Award of the Year 2018Yesterday evening, Thursday 13 December 2018, were awarded the prizes for the fifteenth edition of the Claudio Dematté Private Equity Award of the Year®.

Dec 14, 2018

premio-dematte-2018The Award enhances the operations, disinvested in the past year, which have distinguished themselves in the panorama of risk capital investment activities in one of the following categories: Early Stage (investment operation in capital for the start-up of the company), Expansion (investment operation in capital for the development of the enterprise) and Buy Out (purchase transaction of the enterprise by the private equity operator alongside with the management).

In the Buy Out category, the award was assigned to Mandarin Capital Partners and Progressio for the Industrie Chimiche Forestali operation, the company that designs, manufactures and markets high-tech adhesives and fabrics for the footwear and leather goods, automotive and packaging markets.

The ability to transform Industrie Chimiche Forestali into a listed, managerial and independent company after having been a family-run business for years was among the motivations of the award. In addition to increasing export shares and countries served and having started new distribution contracts thanks to the entry of new international customers.

Guido Cami, CEO of the ICF Group, comments on the prestigious award:

Private equity has been the means that has allowed a company with 100 years of family history behind it, which fights on a market dominated by multinationals, to transform itself from private to public. They gave us a great help in terms of structure, organisation and ability to present our numbers outside.

Now we hope to perfect new aggregations and to grow. We also hope not to be acquired by a German, but to grow as Italians in order to create value in our country.

Words of praise come from the project partners. Lorenzo Stanca, partner of Mandarin Capital:
“It was the manager Guido Cami who convinced us of the goodness of the operation, because it is exactly the manager who makes the difference when it comes to small and medium-sized companies. This trust has been the basis on which the overwhelming success of this short period of collaboration has been built”.

Angelo Piero La Runa, senior partner of Progressio:
“It was quite easy to perfect the operation because we found an already well-structured company, a true Italian excellence. It is no coincidence that in a short time it has become a public company in which management is the main shareholder: an important signal for all investors”.


The Dematté Private Equity of the Year Award

The aim of the Award is to highlight the relationship that is created between investor and entrepreneur, which is decisive for the company’s success and for the fund. It wants to develop a knowledge of private equity and venture capital activities as promoters of the development of Italian companies, highlighting their impact on the entire business system.

The award is organised by AIFI and EY, in collaboration with Corriere della Sera, Gruppo 24 Ore, SDA Bocconi and with the participation of Borsa Italiana.

Industrie Chimiche Forestali S.p.A. http://www.forestali.it/

Industrie Chimiche Forestali S.p.A. produces fabrics for tips and counters as well as adhesives for the footwear and upholstered furniture […]

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