Industrie Chimiche Forestali: Definite and stiff profiles for your shoes without giving up softnessIndustrie Chimiche Forestali offers the answer to the eternal dilemma: how to combine a definite and stiff shape profile, necessary for every type of footwear, with the fashion requests that increasingly prefer a soft and comfortable touch

Sep 12, 2017

industrie-chimiche-forestaliToday, those who want to make trendy and successful products look for constructions that are captivating, practical and comfortable at the same time, almost destructured but able, in any case, to support the foot by adapting to the shape, without losing the lines of the profiles required.

This is how Gabriele Peccioli, Sales Manager for Italy at Industrie Chimiche Forestali – the manufacturer of stiffeners, fabrics for toe puffs and counters for the footwear industry, and of adhesives for footwear, leather goods and industrial applications – reads the market.

Industrie Chimiche Forestali – Peccioli continues – is able not only to provide competent and professional technical advice, but also to supply a complete system of products able to guarantee the characteristics requested by the most important brands of the sector. To guarantee what we, a little jokingly, call ‘soft stiffness’. Besides, we must not forget a fundamental virtue of our products: they are all certified, in order to guarantee a final result that is always perfectly compliant with regulations and meets the needs of the market.

bootsThe solutions proposed by Industrie Chimiche Forestali that can combine with each other, according to the needs of each customer, are many. We mention, only as an example, the soft and elastic RINFLEX M30 stiffeners: immutable and undeformable by atmospheric agents, or repeated mechanical actions, with an excellent hot thermoformability and, above all, great adaptability to extensibility.

As regards counters and toe puffs you can rely on the following families: Fenice, Multisoft and Lerici, in cotton fabric impregnated with special latex. Soft but stiff, the materials are characterised by a good elastic response and by the right and necessary extensibility, able to perfectly copy the lines of the shape, adapting to the foot with “grace and kindness”.

The final touch, during the model’s lasting stage, is provided by the water-based adhesives of the Echo line.

Industrie Chimiche Forestali S.p.A.

Industrie Chimiche Forestali S.p.A. produces fabrics for tips and counters as well as adhesives for the footwear and upholstered furniture […]

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