Innovation on show at LineapelleA bona fide gallery of art to present the reality of Itar at Lineapelle. It is with this formula that the company from Montegiorgio, Fermo decided to present itself at the fair.

Mar 01, 2019


“Every work speaks of one of the company’s worlds – explains Luca Tacchetti, General Manager of Itar – the metal accessories that are our core business, the stones, PVC, fur, embroideries, the world of socks, and thermoforming inserts.  All thiitar_mg_8938s to inspire our international clientele, while at the same time demonstrating the potential of our products”.

The impact of the Itar proposal presented in this format hits the bull’s eye: metal accessories and stones glimmer from within inspirational settings; PVC plastic designs a network of colours between bands and straps that wrap around and frame clothing and accessories, in a play of intertwining; legs wear socks like works of art that are also the leading protagonists of the latest fashion seasons; thermoforming inserts design trendy textures and plays of light… “It is what we do best – continues Luca Tacchetti – telling our story and presenting our catalogue in a creative way. At the same time, our aim is to provide our customers with a personalised solution:  thanks to technical expeitar_mg_8923rtise acquired over almost forty years of history, we are able to help them choose the ideal item for their needs, or realise exclusive custom products for them”.

Innovation, research, and trend previews, the range of Itar products is always subject to continuous evolution: metal accessories focus on itar_mg_8925pop, rock, chic and classy versions. Fur is the protagonist of elegance and a status symbol that is reinterpreted with artisanal workmanship, combinations, intarsia, and dyeing. Embroideries propose patterns with exquisite details. PVC offers fashion elements that are well matched with leather. Research and creativity characterise thermoforming in a striking mix of craft workmanship and technology, creating different textures, plays of light, personalised designs, and inserts. The world of socks ranges from those destined for shoes with heels, to sneakers, and even those designed for sandals…

Innovation and research are part of the daily drive behind Itar, values that allow the company to reply to the needs of customers, while also enhancing its proposals, thanks to an attentive service and a special focus on developing customised and exclusive products.

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