iTen®, ergonomics and softness for the new soles lineMondial Suole improves the comfort of footwear with its new brand iTen®. The new brand adopts the ENERLYTETM system by The Dow Chemical Company for more ergonomics and softness to the touch.

Jun 27, 2018

mondialsuole_itenMondial Suole was established in 1978 in the Marche Region’s footwear district as a producer of sandal soles. The company, initially a producer of polyester polyurethane, has over time expanded its production using all types of polyurethane, from polyester to the more sophisticated polyether for shoes, acquiring considerable market shares.

In order to maintain the leadership acquired over the years, today Mondial Suole presents iTen®, the new sole brand that offers a series of benefits for maximum comfort. Made with Dow’s polyurethane elastomer ENERLYTE™, iTen®  distinguishes itself for

  • lightness
  • high “energy return”
  • softness to the touch
  • and durability.

The use of ENERLYTETM, an expanded polyurethane water system for soles, is also an eco-compatible solution.

mondialsuole_doriaGianfranco Doria, CEO of Mondial Suole, said he is

proud to present iTen®, the new sole and intersole brand that will change the panorama of footwear, a new generation that radically breaks away from the past.  iTen® is the result of considerable investments in the R&D sector, in human resources and in equipment, besides being the result of the constant collaboration with The Dow Chemical Company, a historic partner of the Mondial group.

Giuliano Tomassi Marinangeli – President of Dow Western Europe & Eastern Europe and President and CEO of Dow Italia – is also happy; he firmly believes that it is collaboration that leads to innovation, and that the science of materials can develop innovative solutions.


by The Dow Chemical

Polyurethane elastomer is a system designed to guarantee light, durable and soft-touch soles for the sports footwear and walking footwear markets.
The composition and morphology of ENERLYTE™ makes it possible to develop soles that integrate comfort and performance the best way possible for the growing sports footwear and walking footwear markets.
According to Akil Sahiwala - Footwear Marketing Manager, Dow Polyurethanes – “it is fundamental to keep supplying sustainable high-quality customized materials for the purpose of achieving a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving sector”.

Mondial Suole

Mondial Suole was established in 1978 in the Marche region’s footwear district as an active presence in the production of […]

The Dow Chemical Company

Dow integrates scientific and technological skills to develop avant garde solutions in the science of materials, which are fundamental for […]

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