iTen® by Mondial Suole: the comfort of shoes of the futureThe new brand adopts the ENERLYTE™ system from the Dow Chemical Company for enhanced ergonomics and sensation, designed to ensure lightness, and durability for the market of walking and sports shoes.

Sep 20, 2018

Mondial Suole, an Italian and international leader in shoe manufacturing since 1978, presents iTen®, the new brand of soles that offers a series of advantages designed for maximum comfort.

Made with Dow’s water-borne polyurethane elastomer (therefore, environmentally friendly) ENERLYTE™, iTen® stands out for its lightness, high “energy return”, soft touch and durability, and also allows material savings of more than 30%. The challenge to create a material for shoes and sandals with a density below 400 grams per litre was almost impossible.



The challenge was won to the delight of the target audience: active consumers who today demand the perfect combination of comfort and performance, as well as the right balance between ergonomics and sensation.

iTen® will change the footwear scene. It is a new generation of soles that strongly breaks away from the past,” said Gianfranco Doria, CEO of Mondial Suole. The project is the result of major investments in R&D, human resources and production technologies, as well as the result of the constant collaboration with The Dow Chemical Company, a historical partner of the Mondial group.

Giuliano Tomassi Marinangeli, President of Dow Western Europe & Eastern Europe and President and General Manager of Dow Italy is also pleased with the collaboration:

At Dow, we are convinced that collaboration drives innovation and we are constantly committed to using our experience in material science to help our customers develop new solutions.

The presentation of the new iTen® sole at the Mondial Suole headquarters

The Mondial Group

The Group – which includes the companies Mondial Suole, Mondial Due, Mondial Plast and Polimond – has around 300 employees, plus 100 employees in its Romanian factory.

In 2017, it achieved a turnover of approximately 58 million euros (+5% compared to 2016), has an export share of more than 20% and assets of about 71 million euros.

Mondial Suole

Mondial Suole was established in 1978 in the Marche region’s footwear district as an active presence in the production of […]

The Dow Chemical Company

Dow integrates scientific and technological skills to develop avant garde solutions in the science of materials, which are fundamental for […]

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