Kiefer Von Zoe: eco-friendly insoles for high heels, even without a shankCutting-edge in the production of high quality materials for assembly insoles in footwear with and without metallic midplates, the company presents its state-of-the-art eco-sustainable products: KPT and the ‘top of the range’ NPU GREEN.

Jun 28, 2018

solette-npu-green-con-e-senza-lamina-profilo_lowWith its headquarters located in Parabiago, in the province of Milan, over the years, Kiefer Von Zoe has capably forged privileged partnerships with the most important producers of luxury footwear featuring high heels and extremely high heels.

Its fibred boards made from pure cellulose are advantageous both from a technical standpoint and in terms of environmental sustainability, when compared to traditional materials made from recycled cellulose. Moreover, the high performance of its technical cardboard also allows insoles to be produced without a metallic midplate, including those that are destined for high-heeled footwear.

In terms of its extensive and qualified offering, today the company presents its two leading products: KPB and NPU GREEN.

KPB is a cardboard made from 100% pure cellulose, and is completely free of the chemicals typically associated with traditional products manufactured from recycled cellulose (for this reason it is completely biodegradable), with an extraordinary performance in terms of rigidity and torsional resistance.


NPU GREEN is the evolution of KPB: pure cellulose undergoes a process of natural vulcanization, which conveys stability and a resistance to torsion superior to any other product currently available on the market, while maintaining unaltered its fully biodegradable and recyclable properties.

Additionally, this raw material has obtained FSC and PEFC certifications, guaranteeing that it originates in a forest and that it is part of a supply chain managed with social responsibility.

Tests conducted by CIMAC confirm that NPU Green without metallic midplates can support footwear with heels up to 100mm in height.


Advantages to use PURE CELLULOSE
  • virgin cellulose is ‘naturally’ free of chemical substances, unlike recycled cardboard that can contain glues and dyes. Thus, it is a completely biodegradable and recyclable product.
  • the absence of chemical products allows for greater cleanliness and accuracy with laser incision, because the material does not burn or leave behind residual soot on the insoles;
  • made of pure cellulose extracted from the origin, it presents longer fibres than those coming from recycled cellulose, since each reuse of cardboard tends to weaken its fibres.
The absence of chemical products allows for greater cleanliness and accuracy with laser incision
Advatages of NPU GREEN (physical characteristics)
  • a rigidity and performance superior to any other material offered today on the market, which is a fundamental characteristic in supporting the body’s weight, even on shoes with a very high heel;
  • excellent workability (especially during the delicate phase of moulding), with the highest possible precision;
  • its fibres have a structure similar to that of fabric: this reduces the longitudinal “production orientation”, that is to say the effect often present in paper and in cardboard, which sees the performance change in accordance with the kind of process being undertaken.
Its fibres have a structure similar to that of fabric
  • improved lightness. The absence of a midplate can lower the weight of the insole by more than 30%;
  • no problems with regulations: countries like China have restrictions regarding the dimensions of metallic midplates used in insoles;
  • the bottom part of the insole does not have the classic “rounded” shape of the midplate. This makes it unnecessary to make room in the crown of the heel, while avoiding the risk of distortion caused by a rounded shape;
  • midplates are often finished with anti-rust treatments, which lengthens the amount of time needed for them to decompose. Pure cellulose, instead, is completely biodegradable, taking much less time to decompose than what is established by current regulations in force;
  • the midplate is the main metallic component (with the exception of decorations) in luxury shoes. Its absence reduces or eliminates problems connected to passing through metal detectors in places like airports.
The bottom part of the insole does not have the classic “rounded” shape of the midplate
Kiefer Von Zoe

Kiefer Von Zoe produces a wide range of materials for the most important luxury footwear manufacturers of  high heels and […]

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