Lamonti Cuoio, values and innovation of a Made in Italy productCraftsmanship, innovation in finishing and a careful customer service make the Tuscan company a precious reference point for those who look for TRUE Italian leather.

Sep 20, 2018

To maintain and improve the quality of products and services, fully respecting the peculiarity of one’s activity, is the Dna of Lamonti Cuoio, a company that, every day, combines the ancient tradition of leather processing with innovative, technological production techniques. Indeed, for the Lamonti company, leather is not only a product to propose to the market, but it is also something that holds love and passion.

The Lamonti production area preserves the art of slow vegetable tanning in pits with pure chestnut tannins.
An extremely old production process that makes it possible to maintain the fibrous structure of leather unaltered, thus ensuring that leather has unique characteristics such as softness, warmth and durability.

After passing through the Research, Development and Quality Check area, leather moves on to the finishing area, where specialized technicians make an increasingly more customized products that are also in line with the new fashion trends. Factors such as keeping within processing times, control of the supply chain, careful quality assessment and traceability, are a guarantee for the customer that choose the Lamonti Cuoio product.

Every lot produced by Lamonti Cuoio is traceable
Every lot produced by Lamonti Cuoio is traceable
Lamonti Cuoio

Lamonti Cuoio, since the ’70s, believes in the combination of innovation – tradition. An approach that translates into continuous improvement […]

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