Main Group Technologies launches Ross 260 T for the production of high-quality and high-strength soles.Greater thickness, more rigid materials, increasingly complex designs: these are the latest requirements of the shoe market for the manufacturing of soles.

Oct 27, 2017

_mg_6983_ulMain Group Technologies, leading company in the field of footwear injection moulding technology, unveiled at Futurmoda (Alicante) its state-of-the-art solution able to meet the current production requirements from the shoe business. Ross 260 T is the latest and most powerful machine of the Ross series, designed for the manufacturing of soles in one or more colours made of compact or rigid thermoplastics and foams. The 260 T model – resulting from the constant research and development activity carried out by the Venetian company thanks to a specific internal department – combines a high clamping force with the possibility to use also large moulds.

This compact and user-friendly machine ensures high-quality products and cuts the production times and costs.

The square platen system is particularly suitable for the production of high-tech soles and allows for the addition of inserts before or during the injection.

The Ross 260 T technology better enhances the extraordinary strength and flexibility of thermoplastic materials and can reproduce even the most complex designs on every type of soles with the utmost accuracy.

Main Group Technologies S.r.l.

In its 80 years of activity, Main Group has set the technological benchmark for injection moulding of the main productions […]

Atom S.p.A.

Atom is a company based in Vigevano (Pavia), that produces cutting systems for soft and semi-rigid materials. Born in 1946 […]

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