Manetti Sport, high fashion quality at the service of sportIn 2017, the Tuscan-based company set up a department specialising in the production of removable fussbett insoles for sports shoes.

Jun 07, 2018

schermata-2018-06-07-alle-17-07-23Solettificio Manetti was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Luciano and Leonardo back in 1969. The two men, still very young but with years of experience working in local shoe factories, decided to start their own business dedicated to the production and covering of insoles.
After a few years, the company perfected the production of the cambered sole with shank for elegant shoes, catering almost exclusively to the medium-high sector, and supplying the majority of high fashion brands.
“Over time,” says the Tuscan company, “we became more and more structured with cutting-edge machinery, such as CAD, lasers and automatic presses… to produce high quality soles and to achieve any type of processing possible”.
Moreover, last year the company set up a department dedicated exclusively to the production of removable fussbett insoles for all types of sports shoes and sneakers.
Manetti Sport – this is the name of the new division managed by Solettificio Manetti – is the largest Tuscan manufacturer of these types of products, and one of the few in all of Central Italy.
In fact, the latest generation, fully automated double casting carousel allows producing more than 5,000 pairs per day per shift.
This quantity is flanked by a complete service: from sampling to the development of new moulds; from banding and stamping to trimming, sewing and labelling… not to mention the very important customisation of the product.


Solettificio Manetti

The decision to specialise in a product in the name of quality has revealed itself to be a winning strategy […]

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