MICAM brings the shoe to Paradise

The second to last stopover in the journey of Dante, which with the claim “Be inspired by Art, ye who enter”, invites MICAM people to enter the gates of Paradise in the discovery of footwear as an object of Art.

Jan 15, 2019
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The Paradise of MICAM is represented by the more than 2000 collections making up the extremely high-end selection, which are destined to inspire the store windows of the very best international boutiques, department stores, and e-tailers coming from the mid, high-end, and luxury range. More than 45 thousand visitors attended the last edition, a public of professionals that renews their loyalty to the event with each new edition.

Thus, at the fair from 10 to 13 February, this public will find a wide range of classic proposals flanked by the latest innovations and products. The winning format is accordingly reconfirmed with an exhibition itinerary that winds through the areas that capture the attention of visitors, with contents ranging from glamour to entertainment, and from live performances to information. At the same time, the Fashion Square in the Luxury area continues to reinforce its central role: after the success of the last edition, its spectacular mirrored ceiling will see the return of the daily fashion shows and the fashion and retail trend seminars staged by WGSN, while also hosting the MICAM Gala with the granting of the MICAM Awards. Moreover, it will feature special appearances by VIPs and institutional figures. The return of the Man Square will instead attract the attention of hipsters at the fair, offering them the opportunity to touch up on their beards and moustaches at the Proraso Barber Shop, while the Style Square with its designer bar will offer dining and live performances at the same time.


In the Contemporary area, the FUN Square with its LED walls, AI, and hairstyling and makeup stations, will propose a fun stop before going on to the Emerging Designers area. Their collections, presented along the perimeter of the square, will be a hit thanks to the breakthrough products proposed in alternative to mainstream ones. The iKIDSQUARE will instead turn the spotlight on children’s footwear, inviting visitors to stop and gather around its square that is set up like a playground.  plug_mi-copia

Debuting as brand new at MICAM87 is the PLUG.MI area featuring the sneaker as its protagonist in the Cosmopolitan section’s former MICAM Square area. A phenomenon of street culture, the sneaker has carved out an elite role for itself with projects promoted by the high-end and luxury range, while also representing a bestseller both in Italy and abroad (analysts predict the global market will arrive at 115.6 billion dollars in 2023). With a format inspired by the overseas Sneaker Con,micam-sneakers1 characterised by a mix of product presentation, games, experiences and musical events, the sneaker obtains the imprimatur of Micam, while taking its cue from the public of Millennials.

Thus, MICAM returns to inspire the market in a mix of business and networking, information and entertainment, and, naturally a lot of glam. At the same time, it gets ready to tackle the difficult economic context, with the blue skies of Paradise as its inspiration.



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