Moro Minuterie: goodbye to rust on hooks and eyelets in safety footwearThe company from Padua presents the safety footwear market with three different finishes that guarantee maximum resilience and resistance to corrosion.

Oct 18, 2018


Resistance to corrosion is the main requirement that metallic accessories must possess for safety footwear. During a salt fog test, metallic iron accessories covered with a normal galvanic finish typically rust in just a few hours’ time on average.

To reply to the high performance needs of clientele, Moro Minuterie has developed three different degrees of protection from rust that significantly increase resistance to corrosion:

– Galvanic with 10my thickness

4_201803_001__mg_3756The thickness of the galvanic deposit on different metallic accessories can be measured in microns (my): usually, a standard finish has a thin galvanic layer of around 1 to 2 my. To increase the resistance to corrosion, the galvanic bath is prolonged until a thickness of 10 my is achieved, providing greater protection to the underlying ferrous layer from attacks by external agents. In this case, resistance to the salt fog test arrives at 15-20 hours.

– Galvanic HOB

HOB – Hochohmige Behandlung is a special galvanic process, not to mention a trade secret, which guarantees metallic footwear accessories resist corrosion for a period of around two days during the salt fog test. The treatment is applied above all to bronze, antique copper and, upon request, also nickel.

– RF500 Finish

xcrudeThis special treatment requires multiple coatings and various processes. SATRA tested and approved in accordance with ENI ISO 20345 safety standards, it stands out for its incredible resistance to salt fog exposure that arrives at more than 500 hours. The truly unique thing about this finish is that it can be realised in a wide array of colours: bronze, antique copper, or aluminium, and in any colour from the RAL colour card, including metalized tones. Hooks and eyelets for safety shoes made with this finish are beautiful to look at and functional, as well as superior in terms of safety, resistance to corrosion, and easy lacing, without the colour of the finish fading over time.

These three treatments can be realised on the entire range of products from the Moro Minuterie catalogue: hooks for footwear, metallic eyelets, rings for shoes, rivets, buckles for sandals and slip-ons, and buttons.


Moro Minuterie S.r.l.

Established in 1974, Moro Minuterie has always had as its primary objective the continuous technological improvement to offer its customers: […]

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