Nastrotex Cufra, a revolution in tape manufacturingA new All-Over digital printing technology, conceived and developed by the Bergamo-based company, allows outstanding quality and total customisation right down to the smallest detail. Nastrotex Cufra now sets its sight on conquering the luxury market.

Jul 26, 2018

NASTROTEX-CUFRA“The world of elastic tapes will never be the same again”, says Mario, Barbara and Roberto Cucchi (first and second generation at the helm of Nastrotex Cufra) about the new technology for digital printing on polyester elastic tapes, conceived, designed and produced by Nastrotex in collaboration with two other companies.

The deep knowledge of the industry and the willingness to invest in innovation have characterised the Bergamo company for over 60 years and now allows them to offer the market something completely different, a technology that will allow the company to increase the range of its commercial offer. This turning point will distinguish Nastrotex from the other companies operating on the market.

But what is this revolution, the first of its kind to be launched on the market? A machine, 28 metres long, a seamless line that includes a new all-over printing technique capable of colouring or printing every micron of elastic tapes, thus obtaining a product perfectly coloured in every part, even when stretched at its maximum extension.


An innovative and unique industrial process able to make the product itself innovative. A process that has several positive aspects:

  • Optimisation of the production phase, in a completely natural way, resulting in a significant decrease in the set-up time
  • Optimization of the commitment thanks to a better turnover of the stock
  • Extremely varied and diverse designs and patterns, almost endless, that Nastrotex is now able to offer. In fact, the printing can be either solid or in four-colours. Designs of any shape, size and colour can be easily reproduced on both sides of the same material or the patterns can be different on the front and back without any discontinuity
  • the production of more than 2 million metres of elastic tape per year

The effects and spill-over of this new technology are clear: Nastrotex wants to penetrate new markets that were previously unthinkable. To consolidate the mid-end customers and reach the top-end, a luxury that few can afford. “The tape is a feature that distinguishes the finished product of our customers and we want to give them the opportunity to study it in every detail and see it produced in the best way possible. We will build a relationship with our customers that will go far beyond the old customer-supplier logic, but will establish a symbiotic relationship”.

This important innovation/revolution, whose investment amounts to around one and a half million euros, is not the only sign of how committed Nastrotex is to continued growth and improvement:

Researching what does not exist has always characterised our business - concludes the Cucchi family. Sometimes you have to look at reality from a different perspective to find unexpected solutions. Now we can really talk about Nastrotex as an industry 4.0 provider. In fact, in recent years we have revised the entire company organisation, reshaped production and logistics, and modified and improved other key internal processes. We are the demonstration of how it’s still possible to program, innovative and work well in Italy, without having to implement a relocation policy.

Let the tape revolution begin!

Nastrotex-Cufra S.p.A.

Nastrotex-Cufra S.p.A. manufactures elastic ribbon made of materials such as polyester, cotton, linen, Nylon, Microfibre and Polyester for footwear, clothing, […]

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