Natura by Texon Italia…only natural fibresDecades of experience and research in the field of materials for the production of footwear have allowed Texon Italia to propose the Natura range, a system of natural and highly performing products, to the footwear market.

Mar 13, 2019

Expression of the qualitative features of pure cellulose cotton composite fibers, Natura represents a noble and highly versatile material, as well as an alternative to leather, with the possibility of becoming an important marketing instrument. Among the technical characteristics defining it are its high level of flexibility, thanks to the compact structure of the fibers, along with breathability, a high capacity to absorb liquids, resistance to wear-and-tear, and antibacterial properties. Unlike leather, the friction of the foot’s movement does not turn it black and it is lighter weight.

Texon Italia S.p.A.

Texon Italia produces and provides a wide range of technical and fashion materials. The traditional range of products for footwear and […]

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