The natural rubber of GEA GOMMA inspires the creativity of students from the ARSUTORIA schoolThe Polish student Dorota Goczal was the winner of the “Gea walks with nature” event, which once again involved students from the ARSUTORIA School.

Jan 24, 2019

Natural rubber produced by Gea Gomma – an absolutely sustainable and versatile material with excellent qualities – has once again stimulated the creativity of designers who this year were faced with a very particular theme: customisation of models through hand painting on the upper (very fashionable street trend).

The results achieved by the students in the ARS SHOE LAB – the laboratory inside the ARSUTORIA School where finished footwear prototypes can be created – turned out to be small works of art, capable of making the most of the soles with coloured islands proposed by Gea Gomma.

Stefano Grivel, co-owner of the Pavia-based company, awarded the young participants after showing them the many characteristics and advantages of natural rubber.

“Para rubber,” stressed Grivel, “has zero environmental impact. The natural element of vegetable origin is not transformed by a chemical process, but by a mechanical process that in addition to being environmentally friendly, also preserves the natural characteristics of the raw material. Moreover, the same processing residues are reused in the next production cycle.”

The quality of the material offered by Gea Gomma is also guaranteed by the long tradition that has seen Europe’s No. 1 producer of calendered natural rubber as a protagonist since 1952.


The most interesting proposals selected by the editorial staff of the Edizioni AF magazines included those of the winner, the 1st runner up Aranda Hernandez Jose Angel A. (Mexico) and the 2nd runner up Amanda Filipi (USA), as well as those submitted by Margarita Leano Lozano (USA) and Mendez Marquez Ana Gabriela (Mexico).

Gea Gomma S.r.l.

Gea Gomma S.r.l. has been a market leader in manufacturing calendered natural rubber since 1952. The founder of the company […]

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