Riri Group: Natural tactile experienceRiri Group presents the styles for the FW 18/19 season, made of colours, perceptions and new looks

Sep 26, 2017

With the FW 18/19 season, Riri Group ventures into the future with four keywords: innovation, evolution, novelty and creativity.

In a modern age increasingly connected to the touchscreen, to swiping smartphones, tablets and surfaces without imperfections, Riri has decided to focus on more tactile materials, objects, shapes and fabrics with a more concrete and natural feeling: something that is less known, but that conveys the idea of something new. The new Riri collection is divided into two themes: Origins and Wild East.



Unspoiled spaces like Icelandic lands, where essential and warm interiors blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Aged silver combines with transparent and bright cathedral-style lacquer coatings. Metal takes on a reddish hue.

Wild East

Inspiration comes from the East and from unusual scenarios with an ethnic flavour, even in winter. The immense landscapes and valleys of central Asia with its populations, traditions, customs and habits. Galvanic surfaces become irregular recreating aged aspects, the varnishes appear to be aged and worn thanks to special brushing techniques.

The line that makes the aesthetics eco-friendlier is very interesting: buttons and zippers covered by biodynamic cement.

The “bio” component comes from the photocatalytic properties of new cement thanks to the TX Active® principle patented by Italcementi: in contact with sunlight, the active ingredient present in the material allows capturing some pollutants in the air, transforming them into inert salts, thus contributing to free the atmosphere from smog.

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Riri S.a. is an experienced group, looking at historical memory with an innovative soul. RIRI GROUP is a reference for the […]

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