New EVA injection moulding machine by FainplastThe new solution proposed by Fainplast, the leading company in compounds based in the Marche Region, which has filed an international PCT patent application for a new injector, solves the problem of the formation of holes or channels inside the milled soles.

Feb 18, 2019

canali-buchi-suole-scartiMore than twenty-five years have passed since the first machines appeared to make expanded-cross-linked EVA products with injection moulding technology.

In previous years the technique was limited to the production of plates or sheets that were subsequently cut and milled to obtain the desired dimensions.

The injection technology allowed the realisation of even quite complex finished products: for example clogs, midsoles for jogging or running shoes, or box soles. However, even with the injection moulding technology, it remained possible to produce soles to be worn to size with a subsequent milling for the application of welts or various accessories.

In the milling phase of the sole, produced with injection technology, however, holes and channels can occasionally appear inside the sole itself, which obviously compromise the aesthetics making the product unsellable.

The presence of defects implies, in fact, a certain percentage of waste and has been generating discussions and disputes for years between material producers and sole factories.

“Since it has always been my belief that these defects were caused by some problem during the injection and not by the material – says Vladimiro Fratini, Commercial Director and Technician of FAINPLAST – we investigated thoroughly the technology of injection machine, studying the injectors drawings of various manufacturers; we have therefore formulated the first theses and thought of some solutions…”

A field experimentation started therefore lasting over a year which led to the construction of a new injector for injection moulding machines. The tests of the new injector have shown, in a statistically unequivocal manner, that the formation of holes or channels in the injected polymer mass is due to problems related to the design of the old injectors and that it is possible to significantly eliminate or reduce the defects in the manufactured products.

FAINPLAST has therefore decided to file a PCT International Patent application for the new injector and thus consolidate its technological leadership also in the field of Ethylene Copolymer based compounds that we sell under the EVAtech brand.


The Fainplast company was founded in 1993 by Battista Faraotti, who started the production in Assisi. Three years later the […]

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