Stylish protection

Stylish protection

PYSIS – Protect Your Shoes in Style is a really new concept, overboots to cover and protect any type of footwear from weather conditions

Oct 31, 2013

Slowly but it grows

A good bill of health for FFANY, of which he has been the head for over 13 years, and prospects for the American footwear market which, nevertheless, must soon face the problem of increasingly costly Chinese production

Sep 16, 2013

The Open House held on 3 and 4 July by Italiana Accessori enjoyed quite a success as regards technical content (Technologies, Assortment of tools) as well as the attendance of Italian and other European clients from various sectors (leather fashion, embroidery, laser treatments, labels)

Jul 04, 2013

On 13 June, a delegation of Chinese students from the Tsinghua University of Beijing had the unique opportunity to visit an Italian fashion school.