Ongoing innovation and research for PlaginsaAttention to the environment and trendy products able to meet the needs of the market for Plaginsa, the Spanish company that has a leading position in the rubber sole segment

Sep 28, 2017

planchasuelasEnvironmental and territorial protection represents one of the hottest issues for the manufacturing industry, especially for the fashion and accessories world.
The Spanish company Plaginsa is very aware of that, as it has been appreciated for some time now for its ability to combine high manufacturing volumes and a constant commitment in terms of sustainability, which transpires in all levels of the working process.
Starting with the careful selection of raw materials, purchased only from suppliers who comply with the safety standards and specifications established by the current international regulations (REACH protocol).

An attention that results in resources and investments destined to the realization of an energy efficiency policy – which favours state-of-the-art equipment, also in terms of consumption – and to the promotion of procedures for the recycling of process waste.

img_0131planchasokThe attention to environmental issues is always accompanied by the permanent commitment to research and development as regards both materials and design (for example the wide range of finishes and colours), as well as the working methods.

Just during the next edition of Lineapelle (October 4 to 6, 2017) and Futurmoda (October 25 and 26, 2017), you will be able to appreciate the many novelties proposed by Plaginsa that will mainly concern a new range of trendy colors, as well as new finishes ready for give to synthetic soles a “leather looking” really natural and realistic.
The appointment is at Lineapelle, pavilion 22, stand G21-G23-H22


Plaginsa is a company with more than 30-year experience in the production of rubber plates and sheets for footwear soles. […]

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