Plaginsa focuses on quality, sustainability and innovationThese are the cornerstones of the Spanish company specialized in the production of rubber sheets and EVA for footwear.

Jun 06, 2018

plaginsaPlaginsa began operating in the footwear sector from the early 80s and its most important goal has always been – and continues to be – to offer rubber and EVA sheets for the production of a very wide range of footwear.

Thanks to the experience and success gained in this sector, which still represents the widest range of customers, and to the long-term efforts in research, innovation and flexibility, Plaginsa has managed to expand its action range by building and consolidating its presence also in other areas such as fitness, building and construction industry, children’s bedroom flooring, sound insulation and breeding.

Manuel Martínez, executive manager of the group, outlines best the profile of a company like Plaginsa, which can effectively be called a successful case.


In which countries are you mainly present?
“We have branches in all those countries where the footwear industry is very strong, to guarantee customers maximum flexibility and punctual deliveries. In particular,
we currently focus on the Asian markets”.

At the moment there is much talk about sustainability. How do you act in this regard?
“The protection of the environment and territory is a hot topic for the entire manufacturing industry, especially for fashion and accessories. At Plaginsa, we are fully aware of the problem and our commitment placed on sustainability has been praised for a long time. We are valued for our ability to combine high production volumes with a constant commitment to the environment.
We are also working to obtain all the required certifications to certify the compliance with the regulations concerning “Ecogreen Products” (products exempt from PAHs, Formammide and Phtalates) and all other laws in force in Europe, starting from the severe CADS (in force in Germany).
With regards to the basic components, the Plaginsa Group is about to obtain PETA’s approval, which certifies that all our products are free from animal waste derivatives”.

What will you majorly invest in in the future?
“Last year we laid the foundations for a large investment that by 2020 will allow us to be equipped with new equipment and state-of-the-art machinery.
We will thus be able to take a further step forward towards the quality of our products, guaranteeing the current production volumes. A way to provide an even better service to our customers”.

Which fair events do you attend?
“For the footwear industry we are present at Lineapelle (Milan), Futurmoda (Alicante) and ACLE (Shanghai). Besides, in other parts of the world such as Brazil, San Diego, Stockholm, Cologne, Dubai, London, Ireland, etc. … we also take part in other events that involve the different sectors we operate in”.


Plaginsa is a company with more than 30-year experience in the production of rubber plates and sheets for footwear soles. […]

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