PORON® EMBRACE Memory Foam by Omnipel TechnologiesPORON® Embrace Memory Foam was created in order to relieve pressure on the foot and provide comfortable support.

Mar 07, 2019

201903_001_1j2a8408Comfort is what enables us to fully enjoy all that we do during the day. When there is comfort, it is easy to take it for granted; whereas, when it’s missing, we noitice that immediately, especially if it has to do with shoes. In particular, when it is about comfort under our feet, slow-release (memory) products are a solution that is especially appreciated.

The solution designed by Omnipel Technologies, that is to say, PORON® Embrace Memory Foam, perfectly adapts to the shape of the foot, offering that non-invasive support that is the basis of a comfortable shoe.

Millions of cells distribute the weight of the body evenly: metaphorically, it is like having millions of micro springs supporting us and enabling the foot to adapt progressively.

In particular, they adapt to the body’s weight, adjusting to each movement thanks to the “memory” of the polyurethane material of which it is made.

201903_001_1j2a8420PORON® Embrace Memory Foam guarantees comfort for the whole lifetime of the shoe by going back to its original thickness after each use, unlike what happens to other materials that lose that quality after just a few weeks. Furthermore, it does not change its mechanic characteristics when it comes in contact with the dampness of the foot, unlike other materials that become excessively soft, thus losing the much sought-after support. Last but not least, the open cells guarantee breathability and coolness, while the Microban treatment guarantees an excellent antibacterial shield.

Omnipel Technologies http://www.omnipel.com/

Omnipel Technologies is an italian company operating since 1975 in the field of high-tech fabrics. Through the years the Fashion […]

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