From the Premio Ramponi award to Talent NetworkSupport. Valorise. Promote. These three verbs are the founding principles of the Premio Ramponi award, an initiative that promotes emerging talents in the fashion sector.

Sep 11, 2017

flv_2026_lowIn 2016, Ramponi, a leading Italian producer of stones, crystals and laser processing techniques for the clothing and accessories sector, organised the first “Premio Ramponi” award. An initiative thought-up by entrepreneur Alfredo Ramponi, in line with the values of the company philosophy, which is always proactively focused on social responsibility.

Thanks to a partnership with White Show, the award, with a jury chaired by Sir Mario Boselli, continues to support designers through the fundamental initial steps they need to take, from tradeshow exhibitions to sales campaigns.

To assist in helping their creations reach the right market audience, the award sponsors an exhibition for the selected emerging designers at WHITE, the most important tradeshow in Milan. And, as well as providing logistic support during the more delicate phase of the post-creative process, it also facilitates meetings between the designers and buyers.

But this was not enough, and Ramponi soon realised that the award could be improved further by branching out into other directions to create an authentic hub of creativity. In fact, the ‘classic’ Premio Ramponi award has now led to the creation of “Talent Network”. A sort of ‘phase two’ that aims to nurture a fruitful dialogue with designers about product culture and the creative process.

flv_1835_lowThe idea to keep the award going, even in the periods between each event, has led Ramponi to explore the concept of corporate patronage even further, with the aim of creating a friendly professional relationship with all the participants and stakeholders involved in the various awards. In fact, the Talent Network project will see Ramponi providing complete support to all the selected designers, also in terms of experimentation, the study of materials and the potential of new technologies.

The Talent Network debut, which took place in June 2017, saw the winning designers of the previous awards expressing their inventiveness in the ‘Ramponi world’.

In this way, Talent Network goes beyond the Premio Ramponi award, seeking out new dialogues between creativity and industry. Various company events have also allowed for the development of the clothes or accessories presented at the tradeshow, with coverage across various official channels. The result of these creative partnerships was presented during the last edition of WHITE, which has always supported the award, providing exhibition spaces that are visited by some of the top buyers in the world.

Ramponi S.r.l.

Ramponi S.r.l. is one of the most famous Italian synthetic crystal and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) studs manufacturer. Promoting ‘Made-in-Italy culture’ and […]

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