Pro Storm, record performance for sportsOmnipel Technologies presents Pro Storm, a high performance technical fabric dedicated to the worlds of sports, trekking, and safety.

May 17, 2018

sede1_lowOmnipel Technologies, a textile company founded in 1975 and specialised in the production of textiles and high performance items for footwear and other fashion industries, first launched a “Hi Tech” range, which was subsequently joined by its “Hi Fashion” collection, with items that are renewed each season through fabrics with a high fashion content. However, it is the sports world that has been the protagonist of its most recent efforts in high performance products.
To the wide range of technological materials that includes Lycra®, Kevlar, Cordura and Hydroplus® founded on a perfect equilibrium between technology and comfort, Omnipel Technologies now adds a new product that stands out from other textiles currently available on the market, thanks to its high performance features: Pro Storm.
pro-storm_lowDedicated to the worlds of sports, trekking, and safety, Pro Storm is characterised by a high resistance to abrasion, toughness, lightness, and flexibility all made possible by its special composition: its yarn, in fact, features a core made of polyester for greater rigidity, covered in polyurethane that increases the resistance to abrasion, with direct weaving into the polyamide.
When compared to the very best fabrics currently available on the market, Pro Storm stands out by guaranteeing special high performance features that last much longer than other similar products: if, on average, an excellent fabric resists 51 cycles, Pro Storm exceeds 1 million cycles: if Cordura ®1000 has a resistance of 600 Martindale revolutions (tested according to UNI EN 388 safety standards), the resistance of Pro Storm is 6 times superior to this…
Further qualifying Pro Storm is its perfect workability in production: no problems arise during the phase of stitching, it does not break the needle, and it does not require zigzag stitching. Moreover, it does not pill in the areas subject to the most amount of flexing, since the yarn is interwoven into the fabric and not applied. Finally, it has an extremely high quality warp, which guarantees its compactness.
These are the characteristics that make Pro Storm the ideal fabric for sports shoes, ensuring exceptional performance and ease-of-use in production.

Omnipel Technologies

Omnipel Technologies is an italian company operating since 1975 in the field of high-tech fabrics. Through the years the Fashion […]

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