Arsutoria Trend Guide

The ARSUTORIA Trends Guide is specifically developed for designers and merchandisers who have to create collections in the field of shoes & bags.


The typical workflow of a company has to deal not only with creativity and trends but also with marketing, merchandising and technical development. Thanks to the connection between the publishing house and the ARSUTORIA School we are in the conditions to offer a unique tool.

One season

  • Each season, 18 months in advance
  • € 500 per issue
  • One issue: AW (in May) or SS (in November)

Two seasons

  • Each season, 18 months in advance
  • € 800 per year
  • Two issues: AW (in May) and SS (in November)

Major trends

on worldwide lifestyle, deeply analyzed offering unique insights and ideas.



This first section presents and introduces the inspirational and creative trend themes. It explains the main basic concepts of the theme and then specifies the key colours and the proportions in which they will be used. Images introduce the atmosphere of the trend, together with materials and a selection of iconic shoes and bags.

Consumer profile

This section is intended to focus the market positioning of the collection. Each trend is more related to a specific consumer profile. We identify the target consumer of each trend looking at: where he lives, what he likes to do during his free time, which are the opinion leaders he follows, what retails concepts he likes more, which goods he desires to buy, websites he surfs, music he listen to. At the end of the section you can find a list of brands that can be analyzed as competitors or reference brands.



Throughout the book you will find relevant references to materials provided by the best Italian suppliers. Each material is carefully selected to match the trends explained in the Trend Guide. A final section recaps all the materials shown and provides a quick reference guide for which material fits which trend.

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