The new programmed humidifying machine by Elettrotecnica B.C.The 182TS model is the perfect solution for humidifying the toe and the side of the upper and for reactivating the tip before lasting

Jul 26, 2017
The model 182TS - patent pending

Elettrotecnica B.C. presents a new machine programmed to humidify the shoe upper and reactivate the adhesives that are in the reinforcements before the delicate and essential lasting stage.

In fact, the model 182TS works on the toe and the side of the upper, and reactivates the tip thanks to an electro-pneumatic system that gives the possibility to humidify the material both in the upper and in the lining side (or to choose only one side if necessary). So the upper, which is in direct contact with two heated pads, is humidified in a few seconds.

The instantaneous production of steam, thanks to an external small boiler, is another added value of the new humidifier. This device avoids the formation of spots on the upper and noticeably reduces water consumption and the problems due to the formation of limestone.

To these technical characteristics, which affect the quality of the finished product, we have to add the fact that the machine is completely managed by a computerized system that enables, through a coloured interface, to exploit the preset programs for the application of steam on all kinds of materials; to synchronise the pre-lasting program with that of the humidifier; and to save 30% of energy thanks to the Power Save® system.

A seemingly simple machine that is able to revolutionise one of the fundamental steps of footwear lasting.


•Air consumption at 6 BAR: 14 Lt/Min.

•Dimensions: cm. 53 x 56 x 153

•Neat weight: Kg. 90

•Absorbed Power: 3,7 Kw

Nuova Ri.mac., a trusted partner

img_7615We had the opportunity to see the new humidifying machine by Elettrotecnica B.C. in action at Nuova Ri.mac.’s headquarters in Sant’Arpinio (Caserta). In fact, the company - specialised in the sale and service of machinery for shoe factories, sole factories, and leather goods companies - organised an Open House from the 22nd to the 27th of May, which gave all its customers the opportunity to appreciate, once more, the twenty-year experience of Nuova Ri.mac., which is able to supply its customers with the installation of new systems and the update of those already in existence, besides quick and efficient repairs, the supply of accessories, small hardware, equipment and shelves, up to the customisation of machinery, in order to meet special needs or specifications required by the market. The specialisation in the supply and service of machinery for the Goodyear construction is the flagship of the company founded in 2005.

Elettrotecnica B.C. S.p.A.

Elettrotecnica B.C. is a company in Vigevano founded in 1962, initially specializing in the construction of machines dedicated to the […]

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