Quality and DeterminationThese are the words that best represent the fundamental prerequisite on which the Davos Collection is based for the Spring/Summer 2020 Season.

Feb 15, 2019

ss2019-davos-suole-everflex-lpcoccoQuality is the fundamental pivot which the whole Davos production cannot ignore. Just as determination is always present when facing an extremely complicated footwear market, characterized by practically blocked prices that are linked to the sales period. In this context, Davos remains strong, maintains its position as a leader, and continues to be proactive, pursuing a coherent strategic line and always setting important and unreachable objectives for itself.

Since all types of shoes find it hard to find their way out of stores, from sneakers (sales are decreasing, but sneakers are still a best seller) to printed or constructed soles, Davos continues its diversification journey, proposing a collection of products that can please those who look for an elegant, classic shoe, but also a young and fashionable shoe with a constructed sole; those who want a high-quality Sneaker; those who look for Sport and Trekking solutions, where the proposals for Free Climbing shoes and for Guards continue to develop in terms of design and thickness.

davos-stilllife-ss2020-img_4268We start with Thunit IMITATION LEATHER, painted or smoothed, where the mix, besides being high performing, has evident similarities when it comes to the sole border, in comparison with a leather sole.

Then we move on to the World of Sneakers: the sheets for the guards, combined with the V1 herringbone tread, are proposed in new colours, but above all, for some important brands, customized bands are directly made in the same mix, right and left, and are ready to be applied to the shoe while it is being assembled.

We end with repair, military and other market niches, which require highly performing items that meet unusual needs and special specifications.


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Davos Spa – Rubber Industry is a footwear market leader for rubber sheets and soles manufacturing. A great management team […]

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