Quality, craftsmanship and design: JapanOnce again, the refinement and originality that characterise Japanese manufacturing have travelled the world and were shown at the MICAM of Milan and the APLF of Hong Kong.

Jul 24, 2018

Japanese footwear, leather goods and hides have the opportunity to demonstrate their quality and their interesting and very original approach to product design at the international events dedicated to the next summer 2019 trends. Thanks to the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, they were able to take part in several trade fairs where customers could appreciate the alternative vision of the product and the sophisticated attention to detail of the Japanese proposals.


Simple and sophisticated, traditional and cutting-edge. These are some of the key words of the brand that has been renewed by applying a closing system to the classic shoe borrowed from the outdoor world.


These models promise extreme comfort, as if the shoe was made to measure. The distinctive touch of this sneaker is undoubtedly the Japanese logo that characterises the upper.

YALE+ No.88

The minimalist design typical of Japanese culture, which does not allow room for useless decorations. The personality is all in the cut of the forms that interpret the spirit of the wear


Items made by expert shoemakers with the most important new materials and manufacturing processes, which are re-proposed in a comfortable and extremely detailed product.


A timeless, borderless and unisex design. The challenge of the brand is to respect the long tradition of the brand, while creating something innovative. Something that seems basic, but that has never been seen before.

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