Riri expands and focuses on lightNew acquisitions for the famous zipper and button firm with the aim to increase its production capacity. The next SS19 collection, instead, focuses everything on BRIGHTNESS.

Mar 08, 2018
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handsRiri Group, leader in the production of zippers and buttons, has always distinguished itself for its wide range of products and the uniqueness of its offer thanks to the three brands that make it up (Riri, Meras, Cobrax).

With the precious support from its current shareholders of the Gilde Buy Out Partners Fund, Riri consolidates itself further by investing in the strengthening and enhancement of its growth and development process.

The first operation concerns the 100% acquisition of the shares of MR Plating SA, a Swiss company specializing in galvanic treatments and which is already an investee of the Group. With a three-year investment plan, Riri Group aims at a significant consolidation of the offer by means of a considerable increase of its production capacity.

Furthermore, Riri Group  has also acquired SPM Pressofusione S.r.l., a company in Palazzolo Sull’Oglio (Brescia) that specializes in the pressure fusion of Zamak. SPM will become the centre of excellence for the production of moulds and for all the activities of pressure fusion.

shadows_mg_3334Light, instead, with its multitude of nuances, symbolic values and meanings, will be the core of the new Riri Group SS19 collection. An extremely coloured collection, with 30 different colours that tend towards warmer hues.
Three creative concepts explore the world of light and of its multiple interpretations: RISE, ZENITH and SHADOWS.


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Riri S.a. is an experienced group, looking at historical memory with an innovative soul. RIRI GROUP is a reference for the […]

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