Sagitta innovates perforations and the application of studsTwo important innovations that aim, as always, at qualitative excellence and absolute precision in the world of decorations

May 22, 2019

Sagitta has been designing and manufacturing punching machines and cutting dies since 1947. In 2019 it presents an important upgrade, officially launched during Simac. The MP10 CN 4H Perforating Numeric Controlled Automatic Machine, with 4 heads moved on 3 axes, equipped with 135 different tools, which allows a very high speed perforating (about 800 holes per minute) on a working area of 600x500 millimetres, using a very simple cardboard as contrast.

It has already attracted great interest because it allows to obtain complex and placed perforations without having to use the laser, thus avoiding the typical burn-in problems, which are annoying in particular on light colours.

On the other hand, the research and development work started two years ago is continuing and relating to the innovative artificial vision system for the application of nailheads and studs on already placed designs and decorations.


The application of the system to the brand new MR15 CN B 3H Bridge Vision machine, which has a robust bridge structure for greater head stability, allows for optimal precision and perfection in the positioning of the studs.

The particular lighting system allows the material to be scanned, even if with a low colour contrast, acquiring all the information about the design. The software analyses and checks, thus, the various references present in the 3 DXF files considered (the preloaded one that indicates the expected positioning of the studs; the one acquired by the scan with the actual position of stitching and decorations; the one of the perimeter) and guides the machine into the optimal positioning of the studs, changing the application coordinates according to each individual piece/material. A process that takes longer time, but that allows to obtain results that otherwise would be impossible to achieve.

“Today the software, which we call Sagitta Guida Macchina – says the company – can only be combined with our machines that apply studs, but we have already received requests to use it in combination with sewing machines or cutting machines for decoration”.


Founded in Vigevano (province of Pavia) in 1947 by Alberto Bocca, SAGITTA has contributed to the development of the Italian […]

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