Surprise: Schmid also means reinforcing fabricsThe Lombard-based company is known all over the world for its prestigious fabrics, however, the more technical aspect of its offer should not be underestimated: reinforcing sheets, resistant and functional, for shoes

Sep 28, 2017

201709_019__mg_9498Schmid S.p.A., a leading company in the field of materials for footwear and leather goods, is internationally renowned for its ability to deliver innovative and high-quality products, fully customising the finishes of their creations and meeting with precision the delivery times.

But its DNA is composed of different parts: for example, one that can still achieve “special” handcrafted productions in partnership with major producers for the most important Italian and foreign companies.

Another part of the company based in S. Giuliano Milanese concerns the offer of technical and highly functional materials designed specifically for the footwear industry, such as “heavy duty” and tearproof reinforcing sheets in nylon.

The item is made entirely of polyamide (PA) and its resistance is suitable for the reinforcement of leather, coated materials, synthetics and fabrics.

The materials is made of twisted nylon fibres and is available in different versions and with different coatings. For the application, the material comes with a self-adhesive side and another side coated with primer, which ensures attachment of the glue to the hide or the fabric to be coupled.

Dedicated mainly to the application on uppers for all types of shoes, it can be used also on leather goods.

The reinforcing sheets, among other things, are very ductile and can be punched and applied in critical points and according to the optimal size of the product to be reinforced.

Schmid S.p.A.

Schmid Spa, leading converter company in the footwear and leathergoods industry, is a trademark in the fashion industry. Founded in 1942 […]

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