Science inspires fashion, design and the automotive sectorMarket, sectoral perspectives and the novelties of Innovation Square. We talk about it with Fulvia Bacchi, CEO of Lineapelle.

Sep 11, 2018
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Fulvia Bacchi
Fulvia Bacchi

Lineapelle is not just the global business experience of reference for intermediate goods destined to the fashion and luxury industry, and to the design and automotive sectors. It is also an incubator of novelties, as well as a perfect litmus test of market trends. Fulvia Bacchi, CEO of the event, talks about it.

The fair not only reconfirms its numbers but also records a modest increase in exhibitors and a more substantial increase in the exhibition space. Despite the market uncertainties, which do not leave much hope, the fair is in good health and is perceived as a fundamental reference point.

The market, therefore, does not confirm the recovery?
“No, which worries us a little. We perceived a certain expectation during the Lineapelle events in London and New York. It seems that everyone is waiting for something to happen... I think about the custom duties and other issues in the air these days. Footwear is one of the most affected sectors which, as a consequence, involves tanneries and accessories. It is, in general, a complicated moment. One can not speak of a real return crisis, but of uncertainty. There is a lot of interest in innovative proposals for leather and accessories, but once viewed, no decision is taken. Price and sustainability are central issues in the comparison between suppliers and producers”.

immagine sito LPSustainability is therefore increasingly protagonist?
“It is more and more essential. And tanneries are certainly not unprepared, since they have been working on it for years. Now that customers are interested, during Lineapelle we will give more space to the theme by proposing seminars and in-depth conferences. I would, in particular, highlight the conference, organised together with the CNR, regarding new rules for calculating the environmental footprint of tanneries that the European Commission has approved, by also following our indications”.

logo_home_bluWhat, in your opinion, is the most interesting novelty of the next Lineapelle edition?
“During the 95th edition of LINEAPELLE in Milan, scheduled from 25 to 27 September 2018, we will open the doors to the future, inaugurating INNOVATION SQUARE. It will be a unique and innovative meeting area, located along Corso Italia, which will also characterize the evolution of the sector’s trade fair offer. It will offer a dense presentation program, in which over 40 representatives of the academic and research world coming from Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Israel, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, will present methodologies that are ready to be commercialized and the most significant results of the sector research”.

How is the initiative born?
“It is not our intention to just show the market what happens in the world, but also to create a connection network and an operating system that allows us to maintain international leadership in the medium and long term”.


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