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Jun 12, 2017
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Four years of constant growth with a decidedly positive trend: Italian technology is the absolute leader in all of the world’s markets and continues to confirm its undisputed leadership.
gabriella-marchioni-bocca“The 2016 figures for our sector show that we are a consolidated excellence worldwide: a leadership that this year confirms a constant and important growth trend that started in 2013”, says Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, Assomac and Simac Tanning Tech President. “This growth is driven primarily by exports, our true
strong point and the largest share of the turnover on the sector’s balance sheet”. This trend was highlighted by data circulated by the Assomac Study Office on January-November 2016 exports for the footwear, leather goods and tanning machinery industry. For the fourth year in a row, they have produced positive export figures for footwear, leather goods and tanning machinery and technology. This result has been achieved, despite the structural changes seen in the tanning and footwear market. After the increases recorded in 2013 (+15%), 2014 (+11%) and, albeit lesser, in 2015 (1.7%), the first eleven months confirm a general export increase of 12.4%.
Compared with 2015, the January-November 2016 period showed a major change: positive export results seen across all machinery types and in all three sectors, including spare parts and components.
With regards to the geographical destinations of exports in the sector, unlike 2015 when the trends were patchy, the first eleven months of 2016 centered on specific areas. The three main sectors (footwear, tanning and spare parts), excluding leather goods, recorded positive trends in Europe and Asia, confirming their growth. Instead, the Americas (USA and Latin America), including the leading footwear/tanning manufacturer Brazil, took a step backwards. Finally, there was a positive trend but with differentiated growth rates in Africa although, compared with Europe and Asia, its figures are not substantial. Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, Assomac and Simac Tanning Tech President, concludes:

The data for the first eleven months of 2016 simply confirm that, despite occupying a production niche, our sector has remained abreast of the times, retaining the leadership role acquired over the years. Innovation and uninterrupted research have enabled us to respond to market demands in terms of eco-sustainability, energy savings, and the design of integrated and interconnected production processes.

Assomac http://http://www.assomac.it/pubblico/en

ASSOMAC, the National Association of Italian Manufacturers of Footwear, Leathergoods, Tannery Machines and Accessories, is the association which gathers – […]

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