Seeker System by Elitron, today also for footwear and leather goods [SIMAC 2018]With the introduction of patented recognition technology dedicated to printed images and reference marks, Elitron focuses on reinforcing its position as an innovative and cutting-edge company

May 14, 2018

elitron_seeker_system_cameraAt SIMAC 2018, Elitron, the Italian manufacturer of digital cutting solutions, announced it has further developed its patented image recognition technology “Seeker System”, which will now be made available to the world of footwear and leather goods. This concrete innovation represents a potentially enormous step forward for the entire sector.

Digital printing on leather, in fact, is a trend destined to be the future of the fashion industry, offering stylists and designers an infinite number of ways to personalise their creations. The growing popularity of this trend, however, will make it necessary to adopt visual systems that are capable of automating leather cutting operations and, subsequently, optimising consumption.

After its introduction in 2008 as a radical innovation for the digital printing and packaging industry, Seeker System has since guaranteed users considerable time savings on each cutting process initialization, with greater simplification of the overall cutting preparation tasks.

elitron_2seeker_system_cameraThis technology, which originates from Elitron’s software and a high definition camera system, makes the machine capable of recognising where images and reference marks are located over the working area. Moreover, Seeker System avoids the effects of potential distortions, thanks to the automatic re-centering of the cutting path. The entire process is completely automated and the cutting of the printed materials starts with just a single click by the operator.

With the help of Seeker System, it will be possible to finally automate processes, which up until now, were carried out manually or with the use of pre-arranged masks or templates. It is not by chance that this innovation met up with the positive feedback of industry operators, especially those who work on standardised leather panels, or semi-finished, and need a higher cutting accuracy.

For now, the Seeker system has been developed for integration into Elitron’s brand new cutting solution presented at SIMAC 2018: Plaza T , which is designed for applications on big sized leathers and more critical materials largely adopted in industries like furniture, saddlery and automotive.

To make Seeker System even more functional for leather cutting operators, Elitron has pushed the capabilities of this technology even further, allowing it to communicate with the video projection system: it provides support to the video projection system, which suggests to the cutting system the position of the shapes to be cut, making the Seeker System re-centering operation even faster.


Elitron IPM

Elitron, founded 30 years ago by Giuseppe Gallucci, is a leading company from the Marche region specialized in computerized designing […]

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