Sipol invests on stability and reliabilityLike all companies based on long-term strategies, the company from Pavia is renewed with innovation, creativity and investment.

Sep 10, 2018

In the last 5 years Sipol has grown and doubled its turnover, thanks, no doubt, to the competence and speed of its research and development unit, but also to the fundamental pillars on which its success has always been based on: high quality standards, flexibility in order management, the highest possible price constancy, speed and punctual deliveries.

Pillars that last year have faltered due to a kind of earthquake that has hit the chemical sector, as the company explains:

On the one hand, 2017 has given back a positive picture in terms of demand for chemical industry and for adhesives in general, on the other hand, it turned out to be an ‘annus horribilis’ on the supply side of raw materials, due to which Sipol also suffered a series of periods of limited availability of some monomers and the consequent increase in prices.


A year afflicted by various accidents in chemical plants and natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey. To complicate the picture: the frequent problems in transport systems and initiatives, in themselves positive, such as the introduction of more stringent environmental regulations in China (Blue Sky) which have generated further reductions in productivity and the closure of numerous plants.

The only recipe that can mitigate the consequences of increasingly frequent changes in availability is the enhancement of logistical capabilities and their resilience to events. The increase in the storage levels of raw materials and finished products, against an undeniable financial burden for the company, remains the necessary step to ensure maximum stability – declared Sipol.

A consideration that leads to the investment that Sipol will carry out in the course of 2018, estimated around 3 million euro and which provides for the realization of:

  • A new warehouse of 2400 square metres dedicated to increasing the storage of finished products and raw materials in powder form.
  • 6 new tanks for the storage of liquid monomer.
  • A dedicated software for the punctual and flexible management of stocks and production planning.
  • Improvements in the quality of packaging to facilitate handling and maximize the shelf-life of finished products.
Sipol S.p.A.

Sipol produces and develops a wide range of thermoplastic polyamides and polyesters which are grouped into two major areas: adhesives […]

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