Siretessile: a newly conceived membrane at Lineapelle 2018Since 1976, Siretessile has been in the field studying the best solutions for its customers, creating and developing technical fabrics for winter and other kinds of footwear.

Aug 22, 2018

Siretessile will once again be present this year at the important appointment with Lineapelle to present its entire collection of wools and furs, membranes, technical linings, materials for insoles and expanding polyurethane adhesives, which are all fruit of the dedicated work of its R&D department that is aimed at providing the world of winter footwear with innovative solutions.

Brand new this year is the ALU-TEX MEMBRANE, which revolutionises the classic idea of the membrane thanks to its aluminium composition, making it both waterproof and breathable, while also helping to retain body heat and provide maximum comfort to any kind of footwear at any temperature. Alu-Tex Membrane can be bonded with various linings to create items that reply to the needs of customers in the production of not only adult and children’s winter footwear, but also Safety Shoes.


Among the leading products present at the fair are 100% natural wools in a wide variety of colours, and fabrics in synthetic acrylic fur or in polyester and blended fabrics with varying percentages of wool and polyester. Ideal for the winter climates of central Europe, these linings are also suitable to colder temperatures. Perfect for use in classic and casual footwear for the city, they also guarantee warmth and comfort in mountain boots, without forgetting about the look.

One of the greatest advantages of the company’s proposals can be found in the possibility of bonding wools and linings with membranes like Optimal, AquaT and Siretex, in addition to Alu-Tex, allowing for the creation of higher performance footwear, while also making the fabric waterproof and breathable.


Siretessile was founded in 1976 to produce technical and coupled fabrics for the most important Italian shoe factories. The company from Cornuda, Veneto […]

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