From Siretessile new high-tech fabrics for the world of safety shoesAs a manufacturer of technical and bonded fabrics for footwear, over time, Siretessile has specialised its materials for specific sectors, with those destined for the world of safety shoes standing out in particular.

Nov 21, 2018

Siretessile’s Research & Development department has studied numerous products to best reply to the demands of the world of Personal Protective Equipment, proposing new materials for insoles, technical linings, and membranes.

Among the materials for insoles, the company’s standard products Freno, Clorofila and Modelmemory Giga, have been joined by two brand new products dedicated to the world of Safety: Thsiretessile-thanos-logoanos and Flash. Thanos is a conductive foam made with a silver threaded antibacterial lining, while Flash is a material made using a special conductive fsiretessile-aerpluss-mix-logooam. Both products maintain their conductivity, even when exposed to all kinds of atmospheric conditions, making them ideal for ESD (electrostatic discharge) footwear.

Among the company’s leading products, in addition to insoles, we find membranes like Aquat: ideal for the safety sector, with hydrophilic, water resistant, and highly breathable properties, it conforms with UNI EN ISO 20345 safety standards.

Siretessile has also perfected solutions in the sector of technical linings destined for the world of Safety. Amsiretessile-spigatino-logoong them are included Aerpluss Mix, a polyamide blend composition in contact with the foot and in polyester, offering freshness and resistance, also thanks to its 3D composition; technical Spigatino, a lightweight material with high resistance to abrasion; Sun Silver, which is antibacterial thanks to the presence of silver; and Carbonium, a material for antistatic linings, which is an extremely important feature in this sector.


Siretessile was founded in 1976 to produce technical and coupled fabrics for the most important Italian shoe factories. The company from Cornuda, Veneto […]

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