Small metal parts for sneakersIn a market saturated with footwear inspired by the sports world, Moro Minuterie offers the opportunity to differentiate and make designer’s proposals unique.

Feb 18, 2019

Sneaker, sneaker, sneaker over and over again! Also in the next season we will see an explosion of proposals inspired by the active world. The question is: how is it possible to ‘invent’ an original collection when the market is so saturated.

One of the possibilities is to focus on soles, leathers or fabrics that are a little different, without forgetting the fundamental importance of small metal parts, especially when it comes to sports models.

Hence without forgetting Moro Minuterie, the Venetian company able to guide the choice of designers towards the most suitable metal detail, whether it be rivets, studs, eyelets, hooks and lace hooks or little buttons.

Metal eyelets are the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to customise a shoe. In addition to a wide choice of models and shapes (flower, hexagon, star, cone, flathead) Moro Minuterie is able to make a single eyelet unique also thanks to the customisation with logo or name (thanks to different methodologies and techniques) or to the colouring. There is, in fact, no limit to the imagination when it comes to shade for an eyelet. You can choose many galvanic colours (starting from the standard ones, such as silver or gold, to get to more vintage and damaged ones, or choose the “precious” ones with palladium or thick gold deposits). Even the paint range is infinite: glossy, extra glossy, opaque, metallic in all hues of the colour spectrum, even by sample. Not to mention particular effects such as colouring, digital printing, anodizing and iridescences.


Studs and rivets in iron and brass by Moro Minuterie represent another possibility to personalise a sneaker. Cheap and easy to apply, even through automatic machines, they allow you to create different designs and geometries thanks to the wide range of spherical, conical, pyramidal, hexagonal, square, coin and flathead samples. Even studs can be customised with logos and colours.

Moreover metal hooks - normally used for technical footwear and now for leasure time, are very fashionable in footwear. They are differentiated into hooks with fixed or movable ring, bodkin hooks and lace lock hooks. Metal details that can be embellished with extremely pleasant and refined colours or through vintage effects, according to the shoe on which they are to be applied. Moro Minuterie’s Hooks are very resistant and at the same time easy to apply, even with automatic machines.

Moro Minuterie S.r.l.

Established in 1974, Moro Minuterie has always had as its primary objective the continuous technological improvement to offer its customers: […]

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