At SMAU “360° Storytelling”: virtual reality tells about the made in Italy craftsmanshipFrom 23rd to 25th October, visitors to Smau Milano will be “teleported” to the artisan workshop of designer Olivia Monteforte, thanks to the project of three startuppers native of the Marches.

Oct 23, 2018
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_web_logoHow can we tell and transmit the value of Italian artisan productions? The innovative project is called “360 ° Storytelling” and consists in bringing a real experience to the visitor, who enters the manufacturing workshop, meets the craftsman and can discover “in person” how a Made in Italy product is born. All this while wearing a Virtual Reality viewer.
The idea stems from an intuition of three professionals: Olivia Monteforte, is a leather shoe artisan who designs and creates unique pieces; Federico Brocani, works in experiential tourism organising visits to craft shops in the Marche; while Massimiliano Camillucci is an IT consultant for digital innovation.
The project, considered among the 20 best start-ups in the Marche region, was selected by Regione Marche, Ancona Chamber of Commerce and Punto Impresa Digitaleto take part at SMAU Milano, from 23 to 25 October 2018. You will find it in the start-up area of the Marche Region, space Olivia Monteforte.
Thanks to “360 ° Storytelling” the craftsman can present his products, tell the story of his creations, but above all establish with the interlocutor an emotional relationship. In fact, virtual reality allows us to experience a new dimension by involving the interlocutor in a unique and immersive experience. Through the Virtual Reality viewer, the visitor is “teleported” into the laboratory where the product is born and immerses himself totally in the creative and productive processes guided by words, images and videos.
The aim is to offer crafts and manufacture a tool to tell in a new and interactive way how productions come to life, making the visitor live a direct and real experience. In turn, customers, investors and stakeholders explore the laboratory “closely”, discovering the professionalism and know-how of those who create authentic Made in Italy craftsmanship.

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